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02 August, 2021

CG Communications Launches Internet Service In Kathmandu

CG Communications has today launched its internet service, ‘CGNET’ in Kathmandu. ‘CGNET’ will be available at half the price paid by consumers currently. The high speed internet service is expected to have a positive impact and improve the quality of services provided by public and private sectors.

CG Communications will provide 120 Mbps ‘CGNET’ at Rs 999 per month. CG Communications believes the consumer-centric service will offer a new experience to consumers.

CGNET is a nationwide Internet Service Provider (ISP) providing internet services for both business and individual consumers. CGNET has used the latest technology to address the growing use and demand of internet for video, OTT platforms, work from home, and online classes.

We will launch IPTV and other popular services in the near future.

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