Corporate Newsletter Vol 15 No. 12 June 15 - July 14, 2016

‘Making It Big’ Launched in New York

Autobiography of President Binod K. Chaudhary ‘Making It Big’ was launched in New York amid a gala event attended by around 200 dignitaries and celebrities. Forbes Chairman Mike Perlis and his spouse Missy Perlis hosted the event. The launch was an international promotion of not only the book, but the entire Chaudhary Group. It was first of such kind of high-profile event hosted in the prestigious Fifth Avenue of New York in honor of a person from Nepal, who has embarked on the challenging journey of putting Nepal on the global business map. As a significant development after the event, the NRN community is voluntarily promoting the book in the U.S. with an aggresive marketing plan. Some of the proceeds from the sale will go toward funding an auditorium being built by the NRN community in the U.S.

Danish TV Features President Mr. Chaudhary

By Mr. Moon Lee (VP - HR, CSR)
A TV crew from Denmark visited Kathmandu in early June to make documentary on President Binod K. Chaudhary. They interviewed President and had a tour of Chaudhary Group Head Office Sanepa, President’s residence, CG Digital Park Satungal, CG Food Park Bhaisepati, CG Hills Hattigauda, and CG’s CSR project at Pashupati Aryaghat. The TV crew’s visit to Chaudhary Group was part of their documentary project to feature renowned personalities from around the world. Mr. Chaudhary was the only person to be featured in their program from this region. The documentary, funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will be aired in the Danish National TV.

Shine Yourself Through LMD

By Mr. Moon Lee (VP - HR, CSR)
The concept of CG Leadership and Management Development (CG LMD) program was established in 2014 with a mission to create a leadership pool of employees. CG, an enterprise that is rapidly expanding in the global arena, believes in its internal leadership potential and understands the need to develop future leaders today as a fundamental part of organizational expansion. By establishing leadership management development program, CG aims to achieve the goal of sustainable expansion.

May & Watermelon!! (Blow-up Seeds Far) Competition!!

By Mr. Moon Lee (VP - HR, CSR)
This is the season of watermelon, hence to build up 'teamwork and relationship' and make CG the Great Work Place with fun, May & Watermelon (Blow-up Seeds Far) competition was held on 27th May 2016 at HO Sanepa, CGDP and CGIP simulteneously.

Snap a pic, get a prize

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