Corporate Newsletter Vol 15 No. 14
August 15 - September 14, 2016

Reflections: My Journey of Building a Global Conglomerate

President of Chaudhary Group Mr. Binod K. Chaudhary addressed approximately 100 youths of Indian business families through a video conference from Kathmandu. The event was organized by Barclays’ Asia and was held at Taj Exotica Hotel in Goa, India, on July 29-30. Addressing over Skype, President Chaudhary related his own struggles during the building of the Chaudhary Group and CG Corp Global. He inspired the youth with the motivational stories of Alibaba and Whatsapp founders, besides telling them his own compelling life story. The theme of his address was that the traditional thoughts about success in business no longer held true in the changed global scenario. “Have a dream, have firm conviction on what you want to achieve, and persevere to achieve it,” was his message to the youth. A lively question and answer session followed the speech.

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 The Unabashed Storyteller

...Chaudhary is Nepal's first billionaire. He owns many businesses across the world. What he is best known for is Wai Wai instant noodles and Nabil Bank. He operates 10 properties along with the Taj Group, and hopes to put up five or six more in the days to come. All our previous meetings had taken place in one Taj hotel or the other. So I was a little surprised when he chose a rival hotel for today. Chaudhary uses delightful everyday expressions to make profound points. The Nepali twang in his speech is music to the ear. He doesn't believe in sacrifice and compromise. Unlike Indian businessmen, Chaudhary talks freely, not caring to couch his criticism of people in niceties. That makes his memoir, Making it Big, such a delightful read. "I said to myself that whatever you want to write, you must write it dil khol ke." And then with a touch of pride: "Nobody has contested even one fact in the book." …

(Story in Business Standard by Editor Bhupesh Bhandari)

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Wai Wai Makes Big Push in India

Kigali Hotel

Wai Wai TVC- Taste Full Dil Houseful

Nepal's flagship noodles brand Wai Wai is making a big push in the Indian market to further grow its brand and market share in the Southasian market.

Wai Wai has released its maiden television commercial (TVC) and launched a new 360 degree ad campaign. Based on the core brand positioning of ‘Munch It! Soup It! Lunch It!’, the campaign showcases the versatility and taste edge of Wai Wai, besides creating a strong connect with its primary audience, the youth.

Nirvana Chaudhary, Managing Director, CG Foods says, “Wai Wai’s popularity has always been driven by the youth, they have been our salient brand ambassadors. For the brand, its demand has always far exceeded supply. With the launch of the new TVC, we are now ready to reach out to a larger base and cater to every corner of India”.

GP Sah, CEO, CG Foods says “The biggest strength of Wai Wai is undoubtedly its taste. The creative idea behind the campaign is to leverage its strength and emphasize it as a total go-to food - a ready to eat snack, soup or a meal. Through the new campaign, the brand is set to become the newest category disruptor”.

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Rudra-Pooja at CG Head Office

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